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anita hooker



Welcome to AnitaCreative. If you don't already know me, you might be wondering about my name. This is the name my parents gave me at birth. If you've never had the opportunity to work with a hooker before, this is your chance! I'm a true working girl, some might even say "a real pro”. I started this life as a farm girl in Indiana, where I developed a strong work ethic and a healthy sense of humor (for obvious reasons). I attended Purdue University for Visual Communication Design, and then moved to Indianapolis to work in advertising for several years before I moved to the Windy City. I worked in and around the Chicago area for 20 years at a variety of agencies big and small. Now I'm back home again in Indiana!


Although I’m a Creative Director from the design side of the business, having fun with words is an integral part of who I am and what I can bring to your company. Words combined with visuals should be impactful and powerful, while remaining within a brand's look and feel. Generating new ideas in visually interesting ways is my thing. I’ve strategized, concepted, designed (and have even been known to write a few headlines) for a wide variety of clients from Knorr Professional Products to Pre-Strike Bed Bug Killer. I’m hands-on, award-winning and continually striving to push forward with new ideas and directions. I'm eager to learn new techniques and hone existing skills to further brands and their products. My experience covers website development, digital ads, email communication, social media, logo development, branding, print advertising, TV, video and a wide range of collateral materials.


Ushering young talent to the place where words and pictures collide is another passion of mine. I've managed teams of all sizes and abilities. There's nothing better than helping someone's talent bloom. I love working in a team, but I’m not afraid to wander off on my own and come up with a few ideas too. I approach every project with creativity, tenacity and the appropriate level of humor (hooker jokes aside).


So feel free to contact me, because wouldn't it be fun to tell your friends you hired A. Hooker?

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