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Welcome to the Shady Grotto!
unproduced work  ]

The work below contains not only some of my best work, but many of my personal favorites. Unfortunately, in the real world good ideas don't always get produced. However, here in the Shady Grotto of my website, these ideas can live on in their secret sanctuary. I hope you enjoy looking through them, because I really enjoyed creating them.

F*ing Genius!
[  B2B product launch concepts  ]

When Knorr Professional was ready to launch their totally unique liquid flavoring line, they requested that we bring big ideas to the table. Ideas that would stand out and be as unique as their new product. This concept was exactly that. A bold exclamation that would first tease (and possibly shock) the operators through both print and digital media. Then pay it off in a fun, but explanatory way. We had a slew of options that featured the "F-word" (which is really flavoring) and would have certainly stood out. Although the client loved the idea, they weren't quite ready to venture THIS close to profanity.


What the Check?
[  consumer print ads  ]

The assignment started with the direction to "Push the boundaries of the corporate standards" and create concepts that would introduce Cashback Checking to our credit card fan base in an out-of-the-box way. Discover gives its checking customers 10¢ back on every purchase and payment. So what's more fun than playing off the joy and disbelief of our customers? We modified a few well-known phrases to get the idea across, then took this campaign across video, email, banner ads and of course direct mail that was designed to look like a checkbook. Although the concept didn't make it outside the walls of Discover, "What the check!?" DID become a favorite catch phrase around the office.

Make it Personal
[  consumer print ads  ]

Discover was looking for a way to get consumers to understand that we offer more than credit cards and boost their loan products. We created a campaign of spread ads, utilizing all types of personal phrases paired with atypical imagery. The campaign brought a bit of levity to loans which helped to make personal loans feel more accessible. They quickly communicated the variety of uses the product may be perfect for. Uses, that perhaps, the typical consumer hadn't even thought of.

Everyday Adventures
[  consumer print ads  ]

Diners Club wanted to be the new credit card of British Airways. In order to entice the British Airways client, we created a series of elements that worked within the BA standards, but with a Diners Club twist. Each print ad featured a visual of an everyday item combined with a luxury travel or experiential item to create an all-new exclusive combination that you can only achieve with the British Airways Diners Club card, making every day an adventure. In addition to print ads, we co-branded in-flight snack boxes, terminal signage and animated banner ads.

5 Times More
[  consumer print ads  ]

Discover’s Online Savings account has an interest rate that’s over 5X the National Savings Average. Giving the consumer a great deal more interest earned on the money they put in our account. This campaign capitalizes on the enormity of getting over 5X more, by showing consumers becoming the “X” in their own 5X celebration. The headlines feature the benefit in a quick way with a positive affirmation at the end. This was an engaging way to incorporate our customers into the visuals in a way that fits the lifestyle imagery required by the brand standards.

You are here. We are too.
[  consumer print ads  ]

Discover has many products that are largely unknown. Each of the various products may be appropriate for consumers at different points in their lifetime. We wanted to create a campaign to promote all of our products as a family. This campaign featured a range of consumers with a timeline overlay focusing on the product they might be using at that point in their life. All products were listed across the timeline on all ads, but one specific product was highlighted for each scenario to help drive home the point that no matter where you are in your life’s journey, Discover has a product that’s just right for your needs. The headline was simply “You are here. We are too.” to help reinforce the idea that Discover is there to support your financial needs at every point in life.

Better than...
campus poster campaign  ]

RefundSelect is a company that helps disperse any remaining funds a student may have in their student loan account. One of the easiest ways to disperse these funds is through Discover Cashback Checking. Through cheeky intro lines, large benefit copy and simple clean design, these posters were sure to stand out on campus and help students to choose Cashback Checking for their disbursement, and hopefully get a little chuckle in the process.

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