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ITB Solutions

When a client requested assistance with naming and logo development, we brainstormed several options. The final choice plays off my client's last name "Black". And so "In-the-Black Solutions" also known as "ITB Solutions" was born. An interwoven I-T-B creates a mark that’s all about working together. Each letterform helps to complete the others and builds a complete icon that’s unique, interesting and solution-oriented. The colors symbolize growth and strength.


Double Barrel Property Care, LLC

This property care business was growing and needed a logo to help them communicate the services they offer. A custom, lowercase "db" was designed specifically to represent the double barrel view. Icons were included to help further explain their services. The colors were chosen to represent brick and concrete since much of their work is centered around masonry projects. The font is a hard-working but interesting typewriter-style to complement the simplicity of the mark.

Bremer Law Group

In order to grow their practice and appeal to larger corporate clients, Bremer Law Group needed a more professional logo. As a boutique firm with big law experience, they wanted a sophisticated design that helps support their firm's reputation of strength, security and quality of service. They wanted something uniquely "BLG". That idea fueled the icon design, which shows strength through the combination of the letters "BL" into one all new letter form. Security is illustrated with the simple "G" surrounding the icon in a protective way. The colors were also an important feature of this logo, chosen to further exude strength and power.


Peele Law Group

Peele Law Group was launching their new practice and needed a logo that clearly communicates the fact that they are not typical, stuffy lawyers, while still conveying that they're knowledgeable with vast expertise in intellectual property law. With that in mind, a logo was developed that uses a repeated script P to create a unique icon, paired with a serious serif font and a modern sans serif to visually represent knowledge and approachability. The color scheme is fresh and vibrant to reinforce their unique approach to law.

Jill Reardon Real Estate

Jill wanted to focus on her name, steering clear of the typical housing icons that many real estate professionals use. She wanted something original, contemporary and simple to boost her real estate business. The warm and cool colors added the right amount of sophistication to a logo that feels friendly and helpful, but stands out from the competition in the Chicago real estate market.


Mason Jar Production

This homey, friendly, TV and video production company wanted a logo that reflected it's name in a fun, but easy to read way. Incorporating a single mason jar icon into the logo did just that. The stylized, duotone image of mason jars on the back of the business card and letterhead pulled it all together and added life and energy to this great company's image.


Kay Dobis Nutrition

Kay Dobis is a nutritionist with a background in education. She wanted a logo that reflected not only healthy food, but also something that would emphasize her experience as an educator. Using an apple wedge as the "D" in her logo was an innovative way to accomplish both requests. A fresh green was paired with a warm gray to bring energy and stability to the mark.


International Midas Dealer Association

The Association of Midas Muffler Shops wanted a logo to use for internal communication from the franchisees to the corporate leaders. The logo needed to show that this association helps all franchisees have a say in the larger company and help illustrate that they are stronger when they work together. We used the corporate color palette and brought in a dimensional talk bubble and sound waves to quickly communicate their tag line and mission.


Atlas InteGREATion Nation

Atlas was the name of a new system being implemented for call center employees at Discover. They wanted an internal promotion to get the employees excited about switching over from their cumbersome multi-platform system to this new, updated and completely integrated system. The idea of integration took on new meaning by changing how it was spelled. Each element within the promotion had it's own "great" call to action to help push the promotion forward and garner excitement throughout the call centers.

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