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Pre-Strike Bed Bug Killer
[  logo development : package design : POS : trade ads : consumer ads : collateral materials : web design  ]

With the resurgence of bed bugs in the United States, Central Life Sciences wanted to rebrand their professional products for the consumer market. The Pre-Strike packaging features a large center graphic of a bed bug and clear labeling of the product that quickly identifies the product use. The design was created based on focus group findings that consumers want to know that the product they’re buying is specific to their problem/insect. There was a subset of natural products within the line, so the design had to have a unifying element across all insect products (mosquitoes, flies and wasps) to help consumers distinguish between chemical and natural. To establish this, a “Naturals” logo was created and the center stripe was bordered with green no matter what insect the product was intended for. Each insect in the product line had its own signature color to add an additional element of identification and separation.


[ Davey Award, Silver ]


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