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Knorr Reformulation Relaunch
[  video series : pos : sell sheets  ]

Unilever Food Solutions had reformulated their flagship products to have cleaner ingredients. Because these products were already well loved in their original formulations, the client requested some sizzle videos to show that the same great flavor was still there. The request was to clearly feature the updated clean label statements, while showing great taste appeal. We were able to update all the materials necessary through a static photoshoot and then stitch elements together to make the stop motion videos in a cost effective way. The first series of 6 videos illustrates a dish coming together featuring a little bit of whimsy ending in a lot of taste appeal. 6 months later, a second wave was produced for a slightly different line of products. All 5 flavors needed to be combined into one video, and it had to family with the first series while having its own personality.


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